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Macaron Chalk

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  • Description
    Une, Deux, TWEE, Quatre, Cinq, Sweets!

    As two teacher-founded brands, Rose & Rex and TWEE have teamed up to keep children engaged in creative play. Each macaron is designed to perfectly fit little hands, helping to increase grip strength and fine motor skills while encouraging creative play and imaginative making. ⁣

  • Materials & Safety

    Handmade in Philadelphia, PA 

    Why is it specifically called "sidewalk chalk" and not just "chalk"?
    TWEE's chalk is meant to be used on surfaces with grit.  This includes sidewalks, asphalt, concrete, slate, etc.  The chalk is more dense than chalk used on chalkboards, making it stronger and less likely to break in use and in transit.

    Okay, it looks like food- what are the safety specifications for this chalk?
    TWEE is 100% committed to offering the little ones in your life (or big ones!) products that are tested for safety. TWEE worked with reputable agencies to test the chalk, and are proud to say that it complies with ASTMD-4236 standards. The paint and coloring in TWEE products are non-toxic and the glitter is biodegradable and eco-friendly! Even the packaging is fully biodegradable and recyclable (the clear windows are made of plant based film instead of petroleum based plastic!). 

    Ages 2+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Head outdoors! TWEE chalk is ideal for outdoor drawing and play, which supports gross motor development, fine motor skills and creativity!