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Wooden Number Tray Set

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  • Description

    A set of ten handcrafted number trays to engage budding mathematicians through exploration and play. As a counting tool, this set engages children’s natural fascination for numbers which they’re exposed to at an early age, from answering how old they are to hearing how many eggs are needed to bake that cake. Around age four, when kiddos are usually ready to learn numbers and math concepts like addition, subtraction, proportions, comparisons, measurements, sequences and progressions, use the trays to help make abstract mathematical concepts material.

    Oynuk House

  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: Linden and Walnut Wood

    Safety: EN71 standards

    Dimensions: Trays are 8 x 6 

  • Play is okay! tip

    By age four many children are ready to learn numbers and concepts like addition and subtraction, quantities, measurements, proportions, comparisons (smaller than, bigger than, longer than…) sequences and progressions. All these concepts can be practiced with this toy, that can also be used as a catalyst for a mathematical scavenger hunt around the house!