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Felt River Play Set

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  • Description

    Effortlessly create an imaginative play area with this engaging felt play mat and accessories, handmade from soft wool and natural materials. Filled with catalysts for storytelling, this set sparks literacy opportunities and can help support language development. It also gets kiddo moving and gives their gross motor system a mini workout. Get your open-ended questions ready and see where the river takes you!  


  • Materials & Safety

     Product Details:

    100% felt, natural wood

    Handmade in Nepal

    Set includes: 4 trees; 4 bushes; 4 rocks; 2 ducks; 1 man; 1 boy with dog; 1 hedgehog; 1 wood bridge; 1 felt wood log; 1 river play mat.

  • Play is okay! tip

    Keep a bowl of paper scraps and crayons next to your child’s play area so they can easily add writing to their imaginary world, from name tags to road signs.