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Petit Collage

Petit Collage Doodle & Draw Elephant Magic Drawing Board

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  • Description
    Designed with inspiring details and full of possibilities, this beautiful board is an elegant take on the classic etch-a-sketch. Use the magnetic pen to draw and if you need to erase something, the sliding eraser does the trick. After you doodle, stamp out a pattern with the circle, square, star and triangle shaped magnets. This multi-faceted toy encourages a child to value process over results. 

    Petit Collage

  • Materials & Safety

    - Features large drawing area with four vivd colors

    - Easy slide eraser bar lets kids clear the board in seconds! swipe back and forth to wipe doodles and start again.

    - Includes 3 wooden stamps (triangle, circle, square, star) that are magnetized to stay in place and a stylus pencil attached with string, never to be misplaced between play

    - Sturdy wood construction with rounded edges and soft corners. elephant truck doubles as a carry along handle, perfect for on-the-go play

    - Ages 3 and up

    - Meets and exceeds all safety standards

  • Play is okay! tip
    • Encourage process over product. Since every creation that's drawn is eventually erased, spend time talking with your child about what the've created, and assure them that following their curiosities is more important than what they produce.