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Beetroot Clapper

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  • Description

    This Beetroot Clapper by PlanToys is a playful introduction to the world of percussion instruments. Lovingly crafted for small hands, this vibrant veggie will encourage movement, enhance fine motor skills and refine your little one’s pincer grasp. Small enough to tuck into pockets and purses, this Beetroot Clapper offers the entire family some serious on-the-go fun!

    Plan Toys

  • Materials & Safety

    Ages: 12 months +

    Dimensions: 3.7" 

    Materials: Rubber wood and non-toxic vegetable dyes

  • Play is okay! tip

    For a fun twist on Freeze Dance, gather the entire family for a game of Freeze Percussion. One family member can take on the role of DJ by selecting a favorite song and starting/stopping the music. The remaining family members will act as percussionists. Every time the music stops, the group must freeze their bodies and quiet their instruments. If you don’t have enough percussion instruments to go around, get creative! Boxes of dry pasta make great “shakers” and oatmeal canisters can be used as drums.