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Mini Symphony the Mermaid

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Provides 4 toys for children in need
  • Description
    A perfect new baby or baby shower gift, Symphony is super soft and handmade with love out of Peruvian cotton! Symphony is ready to encourage your child’s growth in wonderful ways. Use her to help teach empathy, nurture communication skills, encourage storytelling, and provide comfort when new emotional experiences occur, such as starting a new grade or sleeping away from home for the first time.

    Bla Bla

  • Materials & Safety

    Made of soft Peruvian cotton

    Aprx. 12 inches length

    Individually handmade with lots of love and care

  • Play is okay! tip

    Invite children to act out stories as you read them aloud, whether it’s a published story or one of their original tales. Giving physical expression and movement to their characters adds another layer to their learning and supports physical development.