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Mini Sleepy-Wakey Ted in Butterscotch Sleeping Bag

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  • Description

    Meet Ted, a unique companion with exquisite details by Alimrose. When your child is engaged in active play, Ted will be bright-eyed and ready for adventure. Ready to wind down for bedtime or an afternoon nap? The opposite side of Ted’s face features sleepy, closed eyes. Simply tuck Ted into his butterscotch sleeping bag and cuddle up with a favorite book. The perfect gift to accompany little ones on their first sleepovers or help ease the transition between playing and sleeping.  

    Give. Inspire. Play. This is the mission behind design-focused toy maker Alimrose. Each heirloom quality toy is made in Australia and gives back by supporting child-centered charities.


  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: Linen, yarn

    Dimensions: 9.5" H

    Care: Spot-clean with damp cloth

    Age: 3 years+ 

  • Play is okay! tip

    Encourage your child to playfully include Ted in his or her routine throughout the day. When he or she wakes, Ted can come out of his sleeping bag and join your family for breakfast. Your child can pretend to dress him, brush his teeth, and prepare for the day ahead. When it’s time for your child to nap, he or she can tuck Ted into his sleeping bag before heading to bed!