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Multi Colored Cubes

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  • Description
    This multi colored selection of wooden cubes evokes endless curiosity and visual stimulation for all ages. Children and children at heart will enjoy building and rebuilding with this richly colored set, lovingly handcrafted from linden wood by Sabo. Group and separate colors, create a pattern, build a tower, or simply admire these stunning Multi Colored Cubes on your bookshelf and let them inspire future play!


  • Materials & Safety

    Ages: 3+

    Materials: Wood, water based paint

    Made in: Ukraine 

  • Play is okay! tip

    Use wooden cubes as a unit of measurement by lining them up beside whatever item or area you’re measuring. Pose challenges like, “How many blocks long is this table?” Encourage your child to make predictions as he or she measures. “How many blocks will it take to stretch all the way from one side of this rug to the other?” “Will it take more blocks to measure the length of this book or the length of a crayon?” Place favorite stuffed animals flat on the floor to be measured, too!