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Holdie Folk

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  • Description

    *Dolls sold individually* 

    These soft Holdie Folk from Olli Ella are ready for adventure and storytelling. Whether they’re developing a character for a story or their own social skills, children can use these dolls to better understand friendship and sibling or family relations. Palm-friendly and petite sized, they’re perfect in dollhouses, among blocks, or snuck into a child’s school belongings. 

    Olli Ella

  • Materials & Safety

    Each Holdie Folk are fully posable and made from cotton and wool with polyester filling.

    The Holdie Folk come dressed in their favorite removable linen outfit and cotton underwear.

    Holdie Folk are all handmade, so some variation will occur.

    Dimensions: H4.3" x D1.2" x W3.9" (full arm span)

    Weight: 0.06 lb

  • Play is okay! tip

    Support reading comprehension. Read a story together, then ask your child to recreate the beginning, middle, and end using their peg dolls as the story characters.