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Holdie Barn

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  • Description

    The Holdie World is growing! Introducing the Holdie Barn - A portable home for the new members of Holdie World - Holdie Folk Farmers Poppy & Forest, and all their animals.  

    Open the Holdie Barn up to find a roomy cottage for Holdie Folk on one side, plus three stalls for animals, and a loft for the hens and roosters on the other. Latch it shut and use it to store a myriad of toy animals, dinosaurs, and treasures.  

    Olli Ella

  • Materials & Safety

    • Handmade from lightweight New Zealand Pinewood
    • Features a vegan leather handle
    • Metal latch for secure closure

    Ages 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Develop literacy skills through play! Place a bowl of paper scraps and crayons next to the play area so children can add written elements, like signs, to their barn. Take it a step further by providing paint, and make a project out of decorating the barn itself. Along the way, encourage your child to slow down and consider the process by making observations and asking questions. “Tell me about the colors you chose”, “you added a nametag to the stable”, “what kind of animals would like to live in the barn you are creating?”.