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Twelve Montessori Sorting Bowls

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  • Description
    For babies and tots, it doesn’t get more exciting than stacking objects or placing objects in a bowl and dumping them out. Why? It’s how they learn cause and effect, practice their grip, and understand spatial relationships, among other skills. Bring color and texture to your little one’s exploration with this set of Montessori sorting bowls handmade from wood to promote positive sensory experiences. 


  • Materials & Safety

    Product Details:

    - 12 Bowls in 12 Colors

    - The wood used for Grapat toys (primarily beech and birch) comes from sustainable forests. Wood is the source that inspires the workshop daily. It is robust, soft and hard, it is warm, it sounds good and it smells good.

    - The dyes are based on water and non-toxic: they allow the grain of the wood to show through, bringing children into closer contact with nature. The finishes are made with waxes and oils of vegetable origin. The oils can have a strong aroma at first, but it loses it within a few days. Each piece is unique, each one is painted by hand. And natural imperfections are recognized as being part of the natural wood: it is beautiful and makes the material even more valuable.

    - For care or cleaning of the parts, wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately.

  • Play is okay! tip
    • To teach object permanence, turn the bowls upside down to cover an object like a small toy, then pull the bowl back to reveal the object is still there — tada!