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Acorn Ornament Set

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  • Description

    This beautifully crafted pair of acorn ornaments is part of OYOY's Christmas Collection. With one small acorn and one large acorn, this gift set might symbolize the joy of a new arrival or the bond between grandparent and child. Your child could also offer one acorn to a friend as a "friendship ornament" and keep the other for your own family's tree. Whether you choose to hang these timeless ornaments on the tree or in a window, they are sure to put a smile on every face- big and small, young and old.

  • Materials & Safety

    Natural or Dark

    100% Oak

    Large acorn- 2" x 3"
    Small acorn- 1.5" x 2.5"

  • Play is okay! tip

    If gifting one or both acorns to a friend or family member, invite your child to make a wish for this special person while holding an acorn in his or her hand. You can lead by example by sharing a wish of your own. "This is my wish for Grandma Alice: I hope that our whole family can be together soon."