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Baby Noise Mini Cymbals

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  • Description

    These mini cymbals by Baby Noise have been lovingly crafted for small hands and fingers. Thanks to their thoughtful design and dimensions, these mini cymbals empower young children to feel confident and capable while making music. As your little one experiments with rhythm, he or she will also strengthen fine motor skills and enhance hand eye coordination. Ready to take this show on the road? Bring these mini cymbals along on your next family adventure for some musical on-the-go fun!   


  • Materials & Safety

    Made in: Australia 

    Materials: Metal 

    Ages: 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Gather your family’s collection of instruments (or household materials) and invite your child to add sounds to a familiar story. Whether you read a beloved book or retell a story from memory, your child might play these mini cymbals to represent a loud crash or a large animal walking through the forest... You can even take turns making up musical stories of your own!