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Baby Noise Tabletop Chime Xylophone

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  • Description

    This mini tabletop chime xylophone by Baby Noise serves as the perfect introduction to the world of percussion instruments. Unique in its simplicity, this xylophone has been lovingly crafted from beech wood for small hands and fingers. Each of the mini xylophone’s solid aluminum bars creates its own crisp tone. Striking individual bars with the wooden mallet enhances hand eye coordination and inspires little ones to experiment with sound. Let’s make some music!


  • Materials & Safety

    Made in: Australia 

    Materials: Beech Wood, Metal 

    Ages: 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Invite your child to transform into a “musical robot” and explain that this xylophone controls his or her every movement. When you play fast, he or she must dance/move around the room quickly. When you stop playing the xylophone , he or she must freeze. For an additional challenge, your child can get low to the ground when you play a low tone and reach high in the air when you play a high tone. When your little robot seems wiped out, switch roles and prepare to be controlled!