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  • Empathy
  • Communication
  • Fine Motor

Best Friends Dress Up Set- Mint Ballerina Dress and Fur Vest

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  • Description

    Dress your best friend up as a ballerina in this sparkling number. This two peice set contains a faux fur vert and tut with a sequined top...Just regal! Best friend clothing fits Best Friend Dolls (cat, dog, rabbit). 

    This precious, glittering outfit has enormous creative and developmental potential. With each new fantasy they imagine, act out or role-play, your little one will practice literacy skills, self-expression and emotional exploration. 


  • Materials & Safety

    Made of cotton

    Ages 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Make your own accesories to go along with your Best Friend's new outfit! Perfect as a birthday party activity, encourage children to use open-ended materials to design a crown, bracelt or bag that represents them — there's no right or wrong. As a child develops social skills, it can also be a powerful solo activity that helps them explore feelings and roles.