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Cleaning Set

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  • Description

    This wooden cleaning set by PlanToys encourages little ones to take ownership of his or her surroundings, while potentially crossing some things off your to-do list! Child-sized tools and materials help children gain a sense of independence and responsibility. Contributing to the home environment (or playfully cleaning up a pretend mess) will boost your little one’s self-confidence. This unique Cleaning Set includes a bucket, squeegee, broom, dust pan, and pretend spray bottle.  

    Plan Toys

  • Materials & Safety

    Age: 2+

    Dimensions: 4.72″ X 4.72″ X 3.15″ 

    Materials: Made from natural rubber wood and non-toxic water based dyes

  • Play is okay! tip

    Make cleanup time more fun! When it’s time for your child to tidy up, playfully ask, “Where’s your Cleaning Set?” Your little one can sweep small toys, such as blocks or cars, into the dust pan, pour them into the bucket, and then transport the toys to their appropriate spots. For an extra element of fun, put on some music and play “Freeze Cleanup”, a creative twist on the classic “Freeze Dance” game. Encourage your child to clean when the music is playing and freeze every time you pause the music. That room will be tidy in no time!