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Cotton Twist

Cotton Twist Personalized 'You and Me' Sustainable Bracelet Kit

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  • Description

    Designed especially to emotionally connect you with a loved one, regardless of whether you’re physically together or apart. Be it mother and daughter, or two best friends, the components for our You & Me bracelet are designed for two, and can be sized accordingly.

    The ultimate bonding craft activity to make and cherish with a loved one, or the perfect personalized gift to send off as a keepsake for that special someone to let them know that you are thinking of them. Each kit includes a range of different colored threads, spherical beads, matching ‘big’ and ‘little’ heart charms and a tassel-making guide to jazz up your styles.

    Cotton Twist

  • Materials & Safety

    MATERIALS: wooden spherical beads, cherry wood heart cut outs, 6 color thread cotton winder, needle. UKCA/UKNI/CE tested

    Packing Information - each pack comes in a gift tin measuring 96 X 59 X 21mm

  • Play is okay! tip

    Invite your little one to create a matching bracelet to send to a friend or family member that he or she will be celebrating with from afar.