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Dark Warm Nins

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  • Description
    These Nin Peg Dolls from Grapat will be an instant favorite for symbolic and small world play. Whether they’re developing a character for a story or their own social skills, children can use these dolls to better understand friendship and sibling or family relations. Palm-friendly and petite sized, they’re perfect in dollhouses, among blocks, or snuck into a child’s school belongings. The natural features of each of the woods make each of these figures distinct, and each set different from the others. The colors and grains of the wood vary from each to each, letting children discover the wonderful diversity of nature.


  • Materials & Safety

    Made In: Spain

    Product Size: 2.5"

    Age: 3 years +

  • Play is okay! tip

    Support reading comprehension. Read a story together, then ask your child to recreate the beginning, middle, and end using their peg dolls as the story characters.