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Baby Bob Penguin Cushion

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  • Description

    Meet Baby Bob Penguin, a playful addition to OYOY's Darling Cushion collection. When you welcome this penguin pal into your home, you'll gain a chic cushion for your child's play space and an open-ended toy that will  inspire countless hours of pretend play. Baby Bob Penguin is made of 100% cotton and is ready to cuddle! He is sure to be a beloved member of the family for many years to come.


  • Materials & Safety

    This cushion is made of 100% cotton knit, with a soft fiber filling.

    Spot clean only with a wet cloth.

    Off white and black

    10" x 7"

  • Play is okay! tip

    Create a cozy fort with couch cushions, pillows, and sheets. Will Baby Bob Penguin help support your structure or play the role of a special guest? Small blankets and play silks are an inspiring addition to family fort building; they can quickly be transformed from rooftops to doors, toy hammocks to picnic blankets. Use the space that you’ve created to gather as a family for story time, crafting, imaginative play, or evening meditation.