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  • Coordination
  • Empathy
  • Communication

Dino Push Toy

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  • Description

    Timeless, eco-friendly and handcrafted, this Dino push toy is a special gift for baby or toddler. Perfect for little hands, as a child pushes dino around their latest block creation, pretends to stomp like a T-Rex or makes up a story with dino as the star he/she is exercising essential physical and cognitive skills while having fun. Made from heirloom quality wood in the U.S.A., this toy’s timeless, clean design is beautiful in play and left out on the coffee table.

    Manny + Simon

  • Materials & Safety

    Easy-to-grasp handle for pushing and picking up toy.

    100% American domestically grown, pre-consumer reclaimed wood.

    Non-Toxic, Zero VOC paint.

    No metal axels in the eco-conscious design.

    Ages 6 months and up

  • Play is okay! tip

    Try this open-ended question: "How do you think a dinosaur moves?"