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Felt 6-piece Veggie Box Set

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Provides 3 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Food box delivery! Reach for this bounty of handmade, soft felt veggies to quickly cook up imaginative play. Because food is a familiar, often exciting concept for young children, food toys are a terrific way to encourage them to create pretend worlds. As they play the role of chef in their own restaurant, water a pretend garden, or throw a dinner party for their plush friends and dolls, young children can practice a range of developing skills, from language to creativity.

    Each box set of veggie food props contains: corn on the cob, carrot, radish, red pepper, green peas, and pumpkin.


  • Materials & Safety
    • 6 pieces total: a corn on the cob, carrot, radish, red pepper, green peas, and pumpkin.
    • Papoose products are designed in Australia and handcrafted in Nepal by a women's Fair Trade co-operative. Papoose products are made from 100% pure wool handmade felt, hand-stitched and feature beautiful, non-toxic colorfast dyes that your kiddos will just love! Wool cleaning instructions apply for cleaning.
  • Play is okay! tip

    For babies, help support their emerging language skills by simply describing the fruit’s properties out loud together (name, color, shape, taste, smell). For older children, it’s all about storytelling, so turn these veggies into characters (give each a name, personality, back story, funny voice) and make up an adventure for them!