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Fred the Robot Puzzle

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Provides 4 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Meet Fred, an open-ended wooden puzzle that grows with your child’s growing imagination and helps support a variety of developmental milestones, from fine motor control to pre-writing skills. Fred separates into unique open-ended shapes that are printed on the front and have a chalkboard back! When children are little, this open-ended puzzle supports sensory play, learning cause and effect, spatial awareness, spatial vocabulary, and more. When they’re older, Robot Fred becomes an excellent literacy tool. He’s an awesome character to inspire storytelling, which can help aid language development, and his chalkboard back helps encourage writing skills. There’s a lot to love about Fred!

    Manny + Simon

  • Materials & Safety

    Made from 100% U.S. reclaimed wood.

    Made in the USA.

    Chalkboard back. 

    Ages 1+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Expand imaginative play with wooden blocks! Invite children to build Fred a robot home, a car, a treehouse, a kitchen, or anything that Fred desires. Follow up with open-ended questions to encourage language development.