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  • Empathy
  • Literacy
  • Communication

Ginger Family House & Furniture

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  • Description

    Welcome to the Ginger’s home! Filled with imaginative design details and furniture, this modern dollhouse offers a world of learning opportunities to kids young and old, growing with them at every age. It first engages children’s storytelling instincts, which helps reinforce literacy and communication abilities well beyond their ‘tween years. “Playing house” is also a catalyst for children’s emotional and social growth. In this imaginary world, they explore concepts of family and friendships, learn about sharing and responsibility, and practice their nurturing side. For older kids, the Ginger House combines nicely with block sets to support STEM learning or costumes to inspire dramatic play.


  • Materials & Safety

    MEASURES 19" X 26" X 27"


    • Two Seater Sofa
    • One Seater Sofa
    • 2 pillows for sofa
    • Wooden table
    • Carpet (double sided faux leather and striped cotton)
    • Sofa Bed
    • Cushions for Sofa Bes
    • Lamp
    • Bedding


    100% Wood and Cotton

  • Play is okay! tip

    Invite your child to make their own home furnishings and décor (posters, vase of flowers, food props) for their Ginger House using open-ended materials, like eco play-dough, pipe cleaners, paper scraps, cardboard tubes, stamps, and more!