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Juggling Baby Ball

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  • Description

    One of our top picks for introducing play in baby’s first 24 months—an exciting and critical time of growth—this 100% organic cotton ball offers visual, tactile, and cognitive stimulation. Use this essential toy to teach baby object permanence, collaboration, cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, rhythm, and so much more. Contrary to popular belief, even babies learn through play! So, bring out their adorable smile and support their development with daily sensory play experiences.


  • Materials & Safety

    Dimensions: 5"

    Material: 100% Organic Cotton

    Details: Bell inside

    Care: 30 machine wash.

  • Play is okay! tip

    Around nine to 12 months, babies become more interested in interactive play. Teach collaboration with a little game of pass-the-ball. Simply roll the chime ball and back and forth to help baby learn cause and effect.