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Kukkia Wakka Water Toy

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  • Description

    Hand this eye-catching, open-ended gaming toy to kids who may be used to digital entertainment, or anyone who could use more play in their life (adults included!). The goal of Kukkia’s Wakka water toy is to try to get all the hoops onto the spikes by pushing the buttons. Sure, it seems like just fun and games, but kids actually practice a variety of important skills, from problem solving and hand-eye coordination to perseverance and patience. Did we mention there are star sequins? Just thought we should.


  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: wood, water, sequins, non-toxic paint, 

    Details: Comes in a pink or yellow pouch with a choice of 2 denim straps

    Made in Japan

    Ages 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Add another imaginative layer to kids’ playtime by encouraging them to build fantasy worlds inspired by the game. Where is this starry landscape? Encourage kiddo to draw it. Is there a backstory to this game? Illustrate it in storyboards. Invite dramatic play. Have children pretend they’re a character in a movie that has to solve a puzzle and describe the circumstance to you.