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Basket Set

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  • Description

    A beautiful mixed metal-colored storage solution from Maileg. This 4-piece set comes with baskets in silver, gold and rose gold. In addition to adding style to every room, these baskets encourage little ones to practice taking out and putting away their toys, which is important for building responsibility, independence and school readiness.  



  • Materials & Safety

    Dimensions: 1 x Large (size 28,5x26x35) OCHER - 1 x Medium (size 8x21x12) GREY - 2 x Small (size 23x16x8) OCHER + ROSE

    Ages: 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Encourage literacy by labeling bins with a title and image of what should go inside. This contributes to a print rich environment and helps little one's manage their things independently, as they know what is expected to go where.