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Iron & Ironing Board

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Provides 2 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Every respective household has an iron and ironing board, so it's time to start ironing your pretend pal's new wardrobe with this stunning set sized perfectly for the Maileg Dollhouse or your Mini Rabbit and Bunny friends! Young children love playing "house," which allows them to explore their feelings about the home and the behaviors that they see take place where they live. Tying play into something children see on a regular basis, this cool pretend prop set invites dramatic play, storytelling and crafting opportunities, and will help make the play even more authentic and real! Includes a bright floral cover.



  • Materials & Safety

    Made from metal & cotton.

    Iron: 2.5 x 1.5 x 2 inches

    Board: 8 x 5.5 inches

    Washing Instructions: Spot Clean with Damp Cloth

    Ages 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Use recycled materials like fabric scraps or old labels to make clothes for your little one's pretend friends to "iron."