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Mum & Dad Beach Voyage

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  • Description

    Mum & Dad Mice are in need of some vitamin sea, and it's aboat time they cabana vacation! Make a splash with Dad Mouse in his Mint Cabana, Mum Mouse in her Clementine Cabana, and their complete set of beach essentials. Pack them up to relax with refreshing drinks and protective sunscreen. Float them together in their buoyant boats, and savor the fresh air on their lavish lounge chairs. These soft cotton companions are perfectly sized for small hands, and come bearing kind lessons, like teaching empathy, communication, and cooperation. Seas the day with this sunny parent pair!


  • Materials & Safety

    Bundle includes; Dad Mouse with protective bucket cap in Cabana, Mum Mouse with floral sun hat in Cabana, Beach bag with functional drawstring, sunscreen & two sodas, 1 striped lemon boat, 1 long polka dotted float, 1 polka dotted swim ring, a beach essentials basket, and 2 lounge sun chairs. 

    Dimensions: Accessories are dollhouse size and range from less than 1" to 8" 

    Made of: Cotton, Polyester, Cardboard, Metal

    Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Encourage creative play by making a beach scene for your mice using open-ended materials, like construction paper, pipe cleaners, or fabric scraps.