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Nursery Table

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Provides 2 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Add this nursery table to your imaginary world, a necessity for every household with babies! The beautiful design and authentic look will help the play go on for hours, while little kids are encouraged to explore concepts they’re naturally curious about during playtime, like family, community and roles. As they pretend to take care of their baby plush pals by changing their diapers, children develop empathy while experiencing what it’s like to think of another’s needs. Along with social and emotional development, playing with plush toys encourages storytelling, which gives their creative mind and communication a positive outlet!

    *This table has a fresh floral cotton cover with light pink metal legs and is intended for MICRO sized Maileg friends or the Maileg Dollhouse.*



  • Materials & Safety

    Made from metal & cotton.

    Height: 4.33 inches

    Width: 5 inches

    Washing Instructions: Spot Clean with Damp Cloth

    Ages 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Perfect for a new big brother or sister, this toy can help children explore and work through feelings about family with role-playing. Become your child's playmate and pretend to be a new family member or friend to help them adjust to their new role!