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Scooter with Sidecar

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Provides 5 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Vroom vroom! Bring all your Maileg friends' biker dreams to life with this beautifully-crafted metal scooter and sidecar. Children love transportation, so movement toys are a natural fit for nurturing their physical, cognitive and emotional development, and answering an essential curiosity: how something works. From dramatic play to building, this scooter invites an abundance of creative opportunities: talk about its mechanics and design attributes to hone communication and literacy, create a family with pretend friends as a catalyst for role-playing and processing feelings, or just let them enjoy simply driving their favorite friends ‘round and ‘round—the action helps them practice fine and gross motor skills, but they just experience delight! The scooter and sidecar is made from metal, which means it's super durable for all those long bike rides to come.

    *Scooter fits all MINI sized Maileg friends including Mom and Dad Mouse and Mini Rabbits. Sidecar fits all MICRO sized Maileg friends including Big Sister and Brother Mouse and Micro Rabbits.*


  • Materials & Safety

    Made from metal.

    4.33 inches 

    Ages 3+

    Surface wash.

  • Play is okay! tip
    • Try these open-ended questions to spark kiddo’s imagination: Where is this scooter headed today? What would you pack for a day at the beach? Who’s driving the scooter today? What do you think makes cars move?