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Seedling Make a Mermaid Kit

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Provides 2 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Take your adventures under the sea with a mermaid doll you make yourself. This easy-to-assemble kit nudges the dreamer and doer in young children, encouraging them to follow their creative impulses and enjoy the process. The treasures inside include shimmery fabric, colored beads, yarn, colored pencils and a soft doll to create a magical underwater friend. Find more open-ended materials to create accessories, an ocean dwelling spot or seashells for your mermaid.

    Designed by Seedling

  • Materials & Safety

    Kit includes: Mermaid Doll; Mermaid Hair; Beads; Thread; Needle; Color Pencils; Shimmery Fabric; Instructions.

    All packaging is 100% recycled.

    Ages 4+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Pair this set with the book Mermaid Tales by Debbie Dadey. Read a chapter at a time with your child if they are too young to read the story on their own.