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Jumping Band

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  • Description

    Also known as French Skipping Bands, these jumping bands are the perfect game to engage 3+ players in a full body coordination building activity. Including several instructional ways to play, the most common involves 3-4 participants. While two players stand with the bands around their ankles, the other participant(s) take turns coordinating a jumping routine. As the bands rise on the standing players from ankle to knee, thigh & waist, the difficulty increases for the jumper(s). Once a jumping player miss-hops, they rotate places with a standing player and curate a new routine. 

    Expanding children's innate creativity, the rhythmic exercise strengthens social skills & ingenuity while they concentrate on practicing their created pattern. 

  • Materials & Safety

    Dimensions: 1 x 5 Meters in elastic rope length

    Includes organic cloth accessory bag for storage & instructions for common jumping routines

    Handcrafted & designed in Barcelona

    Recommended for ages 6+ 

  • Play is okay! tip

    Perfect for strengthening sibling connections through problem solving together, or skill building communication among friends. These jumping bands offer a variety of strategy and cognitive thinking opportunities to build confidence in spatial awareness, memory and rhythm. For more supportive tips around sibling play, check out our webinar with practical strategies on Positive Language Strategies to support Sibling Interactions.