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Animal Finger Puppets

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Provides 1 toy for children in need
  • Description
    From baby years to big-kid years, this cuddly set of three finger puppets introduces meaningful play and complements learning at every age. In babies’ first year, use these to stimulate their developing senses with tactile experiences, colors, and funny voices. Once your little one starts talking, these jungle creatures help reinforce communication and literacy skills, and can even be used to support emotional development, like naming and sharing feelings. When third grade rolls around, let these extra soft friends invite endless storytelling and dramatic play opportunities that nurture children’s curious, creative minds. Just when you thought your little one’s tiny hands couldn’t get any cuter…

    Meri Meri

  • Materials & Safety
    • 3 puppets
    • Embellished felt
    • Wooden stand
    • Neon thread detail
  • Play is okay! tip
    • Use these finger puppets to help kids master math skills, from basic counting to subtraction. Adding a visual, tactile component can help make abstract concepts more concrete for young learners.