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Meri Meri Shark Cape Dress Up

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  • Description

    Designed for wild imaginations, this cool shark costume invites young children to dive into their development through the fun of role-playing. When children become a character, they move freely, feel deeply and think outside the box. Children are naturally drawn to animals, which help their young minds and hearts learn empathy as they consider another’s perspective. 

    Meri Meri

  • Materials & Safety

    Details: Lined shimmering metallic cape with a padded fin and tail, hood with felt teeth detail.

    Ages: 3-6 years 

  • Play is okay! tip

    Encourage a child’s oceanic interests! Take a trip to the beach, browse through picture books of underwater creatures or play an ocean documentary with the sound off to help set the environment for their storytelling stage. For older children, watch the doc. together and learn!