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  • Mathematical Awareness
  • Planning
  • Ingenuity

Natural Wood Branch Building Blocks

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Provides 4 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Shaped from natural wood with the bark still on, this bag of 26 branch building blocks connects kids with nature and provides a rewarding sensory experience. It’s also a great toy for getting kids outdoors! Playing outside is an important experience for young learners’ cognitive and physical development. In nature, children are more likely to engage gross motor muscles as they run, jump, and spin. There’s endless inspiration available for their imagination, and all the objects, shapes, colors, and sounds can take on new meaning as they learn to understand the world. As children stack and build with this natural set, they engage in problem solving, learn to value the creative process, and experience trial and error, which helps build perseverance. Natural materials are a staple for open-ended play and Waldorf-based education. Grab your branch blocks and head outside!


  • Materials & Safety


    Aprx. 26 Pieces in Bag

    Size and shape of pieces vary per bag due to the unique quality of this item 

    Natural Wood

    Made in Germany

  • Play is okay! tip

    Use these natural branch blocks as a literacy tool. Ask open-ended questions about your child’s next creation to expand imaginary play and invite story opportunities. If it’s a house or dwelling, who lives there? If it’s a fence, what or who is the fence for? If it’s a road, where does it lead and does the place have a name? You get the idea…