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  • Empathy
  • Literacy
  • Communication

Papa Ginger Pajama Set

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  • Description

    After dinner, Papa Ginger likes to put on this favorite pair of ‘jammies and read his kids a bedtime story. This apparel set expands children’s storytelling and learning opportunities by inviting them to create from the unknown. Is it a Sunday morning or Monday night for Papa Ginger? What did he do today? What does he like to read? You can also use this “costume change” to help with your own child’s bedtime transitions by making a fun routine where everybody (plush friends and all!) gets ready for bed.  


  • Materials & Safety

    Ages 3+

    Fits Ginger Dad

    Cotton & Polyester 

    Danish Design

  • Play is okay! tip

    Make Papa Ginger additional outfits using found and open-ended materials, such as paper and fabric scraps, loose buttons, colorful tape, pipe cleaners — whatever you imagine!