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  • Empathy
  • Literacy
  • Communication

Papa Ginger Pilot Suit

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  • Description

    Papa Ginger’s super cool pilot jacket is beloved by his family, and we bet your child will be equally inspired. Invite kids to dream up tales of Papa’s piloting adventures to build up their storytelling abilities, literacy and communication skills. Where is he flying today? Who are the passengers and what are their characteristics? Where is Papa Ginger’s favorite place in the world? What would it be like to fly a plane? Let these open-ended questions spark your next play date!


  • Materials & Safety

    Ages 3+

    Fits Ginger Dad

    Cotton & Polyester 

    Danish Design

  • Play is okay! tip

    Papa Ginger needs a plane to fly! Grab a shoebox or small cardboard box and use found and open-ended materials to make him a plane.