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Patience Pebbles

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  • Description

    These Patience Pebbles will bring a calming effect into your home as your little one discovers the art of mindfulness through play. Fill your family home with precious moments with these Patience Pebbles. Pause, engage and breathe in rare, quiet times where everything else stands still. Now, it’s just you and your little one playing, creating, and learning. Littlies can build their own castle, rocket ship, or let their imagination soar!

    The Patience Pebbles can be enjoyed as independent or group play, engaging your child for hours. The simple act of building fosters gratitude, reflection, patience and resilience, whilst also promoting a growth mindset; all crucial life skills that are important to develop and harness at an early age. Cultivating mindfulness allows our children to learn more, slow down, listen better, feel calm, and, ultimately, feel happier in life.

    Mindfulness may sound like a superpower – and it is! But it’s not elusive; it’s available to all of us, if we simply embrace and practice it. Doing so in early childhood can set up pathways to enjoy mindfulness and all its benefits for years to come.

    Mindful & Co 

  • Materials & Safety

    Thoughtfully carved from wood, and beautifully boxed in sustainable packaging, they are the eco-friendly gifting choice for your little love, niece, nephew, grandchild or friend. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous, sustainable gift that your child will love.

    Features and Benefits

    • Sustainable packaging and materials
    • Fosters creativity, imagination and free play
    • Encourages mindfulness
    • Enhances dexterity and fine motor skills
    • Teaches cause and effect
    • Develops color recognition, naming and sorting
    • Builds resilience, patience and independence
    • Suitable for classrooms and day care centers
    • Suitable for children aged 18 months +
    • All products are tested and approved to meet AU toy standards
  • Play is okay! tip

    Enjoyed in the school classroom or at home to encourage dexterity, fun and focus, this colourful set of wooden Patience Pebbles is perfect for educational, intentional and mindful play.