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Pre-School Toy Bundle

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Provides 15 toys for children in need
  • Description

    When children start school they experience new academic, social and emotional transitions that can both excite and overwhelm. To help support them through this pivotal time of development, our Pre-School Bundle brings together toys that nurture their young minds and hearts. Added bonus? We added up the price of all the toys in this bundle and knocked off 10%! 


    • Tegu 24-piece block set — Designed with hidden magnets, this set urges kiddo to keep developing their complex cognitive skills, like planning, reasoning and problem solving. Their creations are also a bridge to literacy and storytelling opportunities.
    • Tanabata Star Cookies — These brilliant wooden “manipulatives” help make abstract concepts, such as math, concrete. Use them to teach counting, categorizing, sorting, one-to-one correspondence and more! Bonus: they can be used as “cookies” and other props in pretend play. 
    • Baby Twin Mice — For all those new social experiences, use these cuddly creatures to help children explore their feelings or create comfort if your little one has trouble separating (during the day, you keep one and they keep one!).
    • Design Your Own Bird Wings — Fuel your child’s artistic instincts, encourage innovation and teach them to love the creative process with this dreamy make-it kit.