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Riley Paper Doll

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  • Description
    Riley Paper Doll is a special edition design from Of Unusual Kind, an eclectic collection of paper dolls designed to inspire imaginative play and vivid make-believe. A beautifully handcrafted respite from technology, Of Unusual Kind is a celebration of paper craft, exquisite pattern and unique, individual style. Inspired by the cherished tradition of paper dolls yet adorned with Anja Kroencke’s whimsically modern, hand-illustrated clothing and accessories, the collection invites you to dress up and endlessly explore. This paper dolls comes with a blank card and a matching #11 envelope to inspire your inner pen pal.

    Of Unusual Kind

  • Materials & Safety

    Details: 1 paper doll, 1 envelope

    Made in: NYC

  • Play is okay! tip

    Construct additional outfits for Riley using craft and found materials like paper, pom poms or flower petals!