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Roly Poly - Sheep - Offwhite

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  • Description

    Wobble, giggle, repeat! This Roly Poly Sheep is sure to make your little one smile. Hidden within this sweet sheep is rocking bell that encourages movement and stimulates Baby's developing senses. Your little one will delight in watching this Roly Poly Sheep tilt back and forth each time it's touched by a tiny finger or toe!

  • Materials & Safety

    100% Cotton

    Spot clean only with a wet cloth.

    5" x 9"

  • Play is okay! tip

    Encourage your baby to reach, kick, grasp, and wiggle by placing the Roly Poly Sheep just out of reach. Seek safe, padded play spaces for your baby to explore- both indoors and out. Placing your baby on his or her belly for “tummy time” makes the entire body stronger. It also leads to physical milestones like lifting the head, rolling, crawling, and sitting. Get in on the fun by laying on your belly- face to face with your baby!