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Open-Ended Play Baby Bundle

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    Give the gift of PLAY. We’ve gathered our favorite, most versatile play materials for your baby. From peekaboo play silks to rainbow-colored bowls, these unique items will inspire open-ended play for years to come. Open-ended toys can be explored, manipulated, and transformed by your child’s body and imagination. Rather than having one specific purpose, these play materials serve as tools to support and deepen your child’s play.   

    Everyday Play Deck

    What can you do with what you already have? The answer is PLAY! The Everyday Play Deck is a collaboration between Rose & Rex and Lisa Zaretsky, early childhood educator and founder of playAGAIN. The Deck offers more than 125 Invitations To Play with repurposed and household materials. Each deck celebrates sustainability, imagination, and the joy of childhood. The ideas shared are meant for every child, of all ages and abilities. There's no need to buy anything special or be super crafty; the deck is designed to inspire. 

    Play Silk

    All you need is a little imagination and these eco-friendly, finely-crafted and durable playsilks will transform with your child's imagination! A Waldorf toy staple, playsilks are the ultimate open-ended toy that foster creativity, movement and role-playing. Children can use these enchanted play silks as water on which to sail a wooden boat, fire on the floor to pretend to cook on, tied on as a cape for dress-up play, placed above a scene to be the night sky...the possibilities never end!

    Rainbow Montessori Sorting Bowls

    For babies and tots, it doesn’t get more exciting than stacking objects or placing objects in a bowl and dumping them out. Why? It’s how they learn cause and effect, practice their grip, and understand spatial relationships, among other skills. Bring color and texture to your little one’s exploration with this set of Montessori sorting bowls handmade from wood to promote positive sensory experiences. 

    Rose & Rex

  • Materials & Safety

    Play Silk:

    Materials: 100% pure silk, dyes are jacquard acid dyes and the solvent used to make them colorfast is white vinegar

    Dimensions: 35" x 35" 

    Care: Hand was with mild soap or shampoo, hang dry and medium iron if you want to restore the shine. Kids enjoy the feel of wet silk, making it a nice chore for them to wash and hang their playsilk to dry!

    Everyday Play Deck:

    Each card offers invitations to play with a featured household or repurposed material. All activities require adult supervision.

    Made in the U.S.A. 

    Montessori Sorting Bowls:

    12 Bowls in 12 Colors

    Beech and birch wood from sustainable forests