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  • Coordination
  • Ingenuity
  • Fine Motor

Smart Wood Toys Car Trailer

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Provides 5 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Vroom, vroom! This handmade wooden set combines a few of children’s favorite things: transportation, puzzles and building. Through play, little ones will engage their bodies and practice coordination as they push their cars along. Using the cars to build something new or figuring out how to fit the pieces back in their trailer engages their curious minds, and gives them practice with problem solving and understanding cause and effect. This open-ended heirloom toy will bring joy for generations to come.      

    Smart Wood Toys

  • Materials & Safety

    Product Details:

    Materials: Smooth-sanded wood, non-toxic paint

    Dimensions: (trailer gathered) approx.. 14.5” L (cars) range between 3.5”–5” L

    Made in: Russia

    Care: Spot clean

    Age: 6 months – 7 years+. Use supervision with young children.


  • Play is okay! tip

    Get out your blocks! Build a road, bridge or garage for these cars, extending play with construction play and storytelling opportunities.