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Rainbow Tambourine

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  • Description
    This rainbow tambourine is a must-have for every family’s instrument collection. It has been created for small hands and fingers, allowing young children to hold and grip the tambourine with ease. Tap, shake, rattle, and groove! This tambourine encourages movement because even the slightest shimmy or shake creates a sound. The combination of music and movement supports gross motor coordination and offers endless opportunities for sensory learning.      


  • Materials & Safety

    Ages: 3+

    Care: Spot Clean

    Materials: Wood and metal.

  • Play is okay! tip

    Gather up your family’s collection of percussion instruments for a game of Follow the Leader. Take turns performing a simple rhythm for the rest of the family to repeat. Encourage younger children to count along to identify how many beats were played. For example, they might shake the tambourine 3 times while counting, “1, 2, 3!” Challenge older children to take note of volume and speed. “I noticed that Max played his rhythm soft at the beginning and louder at the end. Let’s have Max play his rhythm again and then we can try to play it just like he did!”