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Sunset Arch

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  • Description
    Bright ideas welcome! What starts as a sunset sets into anything. Crafted from a single piece of wood and painted in richly saturated colors, this happy building set allows children to manipulate traditional and non-traditional shapes in new, exciting ways, like a giant wooden arch that becomes a bridge in their latest landscape, a giant smile they wear as they pretend, an imaginary watermelon slice at a picnic and so much more. By constructing and deconstructing their creative vision, children develop a process of inquiry and cognitive planning experienced through the joys of creation and innovation. 


  • Materials & Safety

    Made from sustainable Linden tree wood. Non-toxic, water-based color. 

    Ages 2+, CE-ceritfied, made to top quality standards TUV/GS inspected.

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  • Play is okay! tip

    Before introducing the arch as a sunset, ask your child what they notice about it. Take turns sharing observations about the size, shape, color, and feel of the different pieces. Note how each one fits together in a different way. Encourage your child to think about the blocks on a deeper level. How do the colors make them feel? What do the shapes remind them of? Notice the way(s) your child’s perception might differ from your own, and allow them the space to create freely.