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Superhero & Villains Peg Dolls

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Provides 3 toys for children in need
  • Description

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane—it’s pretend playtime! Reach for these wooden peg dolls to inspire children’s imaginations. Exploring the concept of heroes and villains is a valuable play experience for young growers, as it allows them to mine themes of good and bad, power and weakness, and learn empathy through role-playing and dramatic play. These wooden peg dolls are hand-chiseled from Urapán wood and made in support of Fair Trade standards.

    Goose Grease

  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: Hand-chiseled from Urapán wood, non-toxic water-based paints

    Social Mission: Goose Grease creates job opportunities for craftspeople in Bogotá and Brooklyn. For each tree used to make Goose Grease Dolls, two trees are planted.

    Dimensions: 3”

  • Play is okay! tip
    • Support reading comprehension. Read a story together, then ask your child to recreate the beginning, middle, and end using their peg dolls as the story characters.