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Mirus Toys

Wooden Tree Ring Puzzle

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  • Description
    Can trees talk? Absolutely! This wooden tool, perfect for your budding naturalist, explores trees in two parts: 

    1. Anatomy of a tree trunk
    Featuring the pith, heartwood, sapwood, inner bark, outer bark, cambium, xylem, phloem and medullary rays, this is an excellent addition to your botany shelf. It teaches the structure and functions of each part of the tree trunk.

    2. Story of the tree's life
    The tree rings can tell the story of the tree's existence - from early growth to late growth, from rainy season to dry season, fires it has survived... the old grandfather tree can impart a LOT of knowledge about the climate of an area from studying the tree rings. Wooden labels to study this are also included in the set.

    Mirus Toys

  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: Made of maple and CMYK ink

    Dimensions: 11"x11"×~1" thick 

    Handcrafted in the USA