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Express Way Play Set (16 Pieces)

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  • Description

    Way To Play road sets offer fun without wires, wi-fi or screens. With your child in the driving seat, the road segments let imagination pave the way for adventure. The segments can be used on almost any surface indoors or outdoors, and can be connected to form circuits and roads. There are no maps, and the toy road can be expanded endlessly for a never ending adventure. Way To Play road segments are made of 100% child safe and child friendly durable and hygienic rubber compound.

    Way To Play

  • Materials & Safety
    • Flexible, durable road toy, 258cm length
    • 8 curves, 6 straights, 1 intersection and 1 roundabout
    • Expand your road by purchasing additional sets later
    • Can be used on almost any surface, inside or outside
    • Easy to connect parts
    • Encourages imaginative play
    • Great to combine with other toys
    • Easy to clean with soap and water
    • 24 months+
    • Made from high grade, child safe rubber
    • 101.6" x 4.3" x 0.1" 
    • 2.2 lbs
  • Play is okay! tip

    Try building roads on different surfaces like sand, grass or a wood floor!