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5 Ways to Play with Maileg Mice at the Beach

Let’s hit the beach! This summer, we’re taking a few of our favorite mouse companions along for the adventure. Here are a few of our favorite ways to play with Maileg mice at the beach!

Build a bridge.

Invite your child for a walk on the beach and gather natural materials like driftwood, dried seaweed, large shells, or stones. Together, construct a bridge for your mice to balance on or “walk” across. Will your bridge connect two sand castles, cross a moat, or serve as a boardwalk on the beach?      

Make a home.

Grab a shovel, fill your favorite bucket with water and get to work designing the mouse home of your dreams. The whole family can get in on the fun! As older siblings construct strong walls and mouse-sized furniture, younger siblings can collect tiny shells and pebbles to create walkways or wall decor.    

Watch them float. 

Create a raft or boat for your mice using the natural materials you’ve found at the beach. You can also use empty containers from your seaside snacking. Experiment with empty cups, tinfoil, or takeout containers and try to float your creation on small pools of water. Just be sure to tidy up before heading home to ensure that your mice are the only creatures to get their hands on these materials!  

Have a picnic.

Work together to create a mouse-sized picnic. Seashells can serve as plates and bits of seaweed make a perfect salad! What other foods can your family create? As the mice gather for their mini feast, chat with your child about the highlights of your beach day and make a plan about what you’ll play next. 

Share a story. 

Encourage your child to sketch or photograph your mouse family’s beach adventures. When you return home, help your child organize individual pages or photos in chronological order. Your child can write his or her own words or dictate them to you. At bedtime, invite your child to “read” his or her story and chat about your shared experiences. Don’t forget to invite the mice! 

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