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Positive Language Guide: Strategies to Encourage Independence

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    Thousands of families are putting our Positive Language approach into practice, thanks to our bestselling Guide to Positive Language Strategies + Interactive Workbook.

    As part of our ongoing commitment to support families, caregivers, and educators, we’ll be releasing new thematic Positive Language guides. First up, Positive Language Strategies to Encourage Independence!

    In this guide you’ll find:

    ★ Safe ways to encourage risk taking 
    ★ Language prompts to help you model problem solving
    ★ Tips to help your child advocate for himself/herself
    ★ Strategies that teach your child how to identify and address his/her own needs

    Positive Language helps children navigate everyday situations with a greater sense of confidence and independence. This approach also empowers children to modify their own behavior. Rather than emphasizing negative behavior, Positive Language offers children kinder, safer alternatives that they can (and will) use independently. This means less hovering for us and more problem solving for them! When you put Positive Language strategies into practice, you’ll experience how small shifts in language can have an enormous impact on the entire family.

    For more information about our Positive Language approach and additional strategies to encourage independence, please check out our collection of Positive Language resources

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    Digital Download: This guide, Positive Language Strategies to Encourage Independence, will be sent to your inbox immediately upon checkout. 

    Includes: 13-Page Beautifully Designed Guide PDF 

    Guide Content: Brief intro to our Positive Language approach and 8 individual Positive Language strategies to help your child navigate everyday situations with a greater sense of confidence and independence.

    Please Note: This strategies in this thematic guide do not appear in our comprehensive Guide to Positive Language Strategies. Positive Language Strategies to Support Independence is a valuable resource on its own. However, purchasing both resources offers a deeper understanding of our Positive Language approach and additional strategies. 

    About the Author:
    Lauren Vien, M. Ed, taught in private Manhattan preschools for over a decade before joining the Rose & Rex team as Education Director. With a masters in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from NYU, Lauren is deeply passionate about positive language and developmental play. She lives on the Upper West Side with her husband and two young children, Henry and Violet. Family pastimes include building with couch cushions, preparing plant-based meals, and scooting to neighborhood playgrounds.

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